Imperial College Business School is a proud sponsor of the Forté Foundation, a non-profit organisation that champions women’s progression within business through access to education. We are pleased to offer Forté Fellowships to outstanding female students joining the Full-Time MBA. Awards of up to £26,750 are available.

In addition to the financial support provided, Forté Fellows have access to a number of unique resources from Forté Foundation including:

  • Participation in the annual Forté MBA Women’s Leadership Conference held in June in the United States (city tbc)

  • Access to exclusive networking groups of Forté Fellows, Forté Fellow Alumnae and sponsor companies on social media and through Forté Fellow listservs

  • Special e-introductions to Forté sponsor companies and inclusion in the Fellow résumé book, which is distributed to all sponsor companies

  • Free lifetime Forté Foundation Premium Membership

  • Women students can also apply for a stipend to attend the annual Forté MBA Women’s Leadership Conference, organised by the Forté Foundation. The conference is a great opportunity to meet like-minded women, develop leadership skills and build your professional network.

If you want to be considered for a Forté Fellowship, you should make sure you submit your MBA application by 24 January 2020.

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Scholarships of up to £26,750 are available


The Fellowships are open to all women applying to the MBA programme.

Successful candidates will demonstrate strong leadership skills through academic achievement, or in roles as team or community leaders, and show a commitment to helping women achieve their career potential through personal mentoring or community involvement.

The scholarships will be awarded to applicants based on the following criteria:

  • A demonstrable track record of leadership in your field

  • Commitment to Forté’s mission of launching women into fulfilling, significant careers through access to business education, opportunities, and a community of successful women

  • The information supplied in your original application to the programme, including a strong academic background, and an excellent track record of professional achievement

  • A high and well-balanced GMAT score, which should also be submitted by 24 January 2020

  • Your performance during the admissions process, where academic and professional merit will be judged

  • Your professional references


You should have submitted your MBA application by 24 January 2020 to be considered for this scholarship.

How to apply

Candidates who receive an offer will be sent details of the additional essay requirements for this scholarship.

My goal is to work in a multi-national corporation in renewable energy, clean technology and sustainability. At Imperial College Business School, I have access to professionals and researchers in the area which gives me a strong platform to learn from the best people in the sector, including the Centre for Climate Finance and Investment.
Janaina Stewart-Richardson
Full-Time MBA, Forté Foundation scholarship winner
Janaina Stewart-Richardson
Imperial College Business School has various events and training for women to develop the skills they need in their career after the MBA. As a Forté Fellow, I also receive regular contact from the Forté Foundation.
Alison Lane
Full-Time MBA, Forté Foundation scholarship winner
Alison Lane