Thanks to a generous gift from the Lees Charitable Foundation, we are delighted to announce a new scholarship programme for 2019. The Lee Family – Imperial College Business School Scholarship has been established to support talented alumni of Imperial College London pursue their MBA at Imperial College Business School.

This full scholarship covers tuition fees and a maintenance grant to support living expenses, and is offered to Imperial College London students or alumni with exceptional academic performance in their undergraduate degree from Imperial and a strong overall application.

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One scholarship of up to £52,000 is available, plus a maintenance grant.


The scholarship will be awarded to applicants based on the following criteria:

  • Exceptional academic performance in an Imperial undergraduate degree, typically at strong First Class Honours level.
  • Demonstrable evidence of your potential for future academic success
  • The overall strength of your application and interview performance
  • Your academic references.


You must apply no later than 18 February 2019 to be considered for this scholarship; however, early application is strongly recommended to increase your chance of receiving an award.

How to apply

Candidates who apply before the deadlines above and receive an offer for the programme commencing in September 2019 will automatically be considered.

As the Lee Family – Imperial College Business School Scholarship covers the full tuition fees, the successful candidate will be ineligible for an additional Imperial alumni loyalty bursary and/or an additional GMAT Excellence award. If any such awards have already been received, the award of the Lee Family – Imperial College Business School Scholarship will supersede them.

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