MSc Business Analytics (on-campus, full-time)

Your background

What work experience or internships did you have before starting at Imperial College Business School?

I joined Imperial College Business School for the MSc Business Analytics straight after my undergraduate degree. During my studies I worked part time as teaching assistant and research assistant.

Why did you choose to study a Master’s in Business Analytics? Why specifically at Imperial College Business School?

I chose Imperial College because of the curriculum, the courses offered covered everything I would expect from a business analytics course and I was impressed by the number of business partnerships and opportunities. Also, the good reputation Imperial has played a role in my decision to study there.

Your time at Imperial College Business School

What skills did you learn on the MSc Business Analytics?

During the MSc Business Analytics course I was able to learn a number of technical skills, ranging from data manipulation, machine learning model build, model evaluation and data visualisation. In addition to technical skills, I was able to pick up business and leadership skills. Furthermore, the course exposed us to different sectors and industries.

What were your favourite things about MSc Business Analytics?

I really enjoyed getting a broad overview of all relevant areas of data analytics. From optimisation to network analytics and data visualisations, the course covered everything.

Which module, elective or project stood out for you?

Analytics in Business (formerly called Introduction to Data Analytics) stood out in particular for me. Mainly because it helped me understand how analytics can be applied in a business context and what issues and biases I might have to overcome.

How would you describe your MSc Business Analytics cohort?

I was part of a very diverse, highly motivated cohort of students with incredibly different educational backgrounds.

Did you take part in any extra-curricular activities at Imperial? (eg. clubs and societies, speaker events)

Yes, I attended the career events, talks, workshops and projects. I also joined a number of societies like the Tae Kwon Do Society and the Dance Society, and took part in volunteering opportunities.

Your career after the MSc Business Analytics

Please outline your career path since studying at the Business School, including information about any internships you completed and your current position.

As part of the final project I joined a start-up called Wonderbly, where I worked as an analyst. After a year at Wonderbly I moved to Capgemini Consulting to work as Data Scientist.

What do you enjoy most about your work and what are the main challenges that you face?

Staying up to date with current research in a very quickly evolving field of Machine Learning is often challenging. I also work with clients who don’t have a technical background so explaining algorithms, what they do and the benefit they generate is complex.

How has your MSc Business Analytics contributed to your career success?

During the programme I was exposed to a lot of different techniques making it easier for me to tackle any problem clients have. Working with business partners during my studies also gave me insights into how to generate business value through analytics.

What advice would you give to a prospective student considering studying MSc Business Analytics and a subsequent career in the sector?

My advice would be to try to get a good understanding of as many different aspects of business analytics as possible but make sure to focus on one sub-field in particular and be a subject matter expert for that. There are so many developments in all areas it is impossible to become advanced in everything. Also, try to focus on some business skills as well. Often a simpler approach that is tailored to a business question can take you further than the most advanced algorithm.

MSc Business Analytics (on-campus, full-time) 2016
Study mode :

on campus, full-time

Undergraduate education :

BSc Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Vienna

Current position :

Data Scientist, Capgemini