Udit Gupta

udit300x300I am an avid data enthusiast with a passion for solving complex analytics problems, and I am convinced that the time is ripe now for the widespread deployment of real-time data analytics solutions. This belief motivated me to pursue a degree in Business Analytics.

I chose the MSc Business Analytics programme at Imperial College for three main reasons: industry-relevant programme content, reputation and location. The fact that they have excellent faculty and career services made my decision easier. I felt that their programme provides the ideal blend of skills and experience needed today to be at the forefront of the analytics and big data wave.

I applied to be a student ambassador to share my passion for Imperial College with prospective students. Having been through the journey myself, I understand the anxiety that students have at the time of applying and the cold feet they get in spending their precious time and valuable money in pursuing higher degrees.  I wanted to share my experiences as a student here to ensure that prospective students have all the necessary information needed to make the best possible decisions.

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