Virat Bhandari

virat300x300As markets become more global and move at an increasingly fast pace, we must find ways to take the big data produced and distil it down to the most critical and valuable elements for the benefits of customer, employee and community. With my technical experience, complimented with the analytics knowledge which I will gain from the MSc programme, I wish to build strong pillars of my career in the analytics field. After completion of this course I plan to transit in a role of Data Scientist from Quality Analyst.

Imperial College Business School is one of the best ranked business schools which provides this one-year program with cutting edge pedagogical methods, fantastic core structure modules and wonderful opportunity of work placement. KPMG Center for Advanced Business Analytics gives access to real problems faced by companies, solving them will give me a new horizon and make me ready for fourth wave of Economic value creation which is the data wave. Moreover, Imperial has a great Careers and professional development team. Here, there is tremendous opportunity to collaborate with diverse peers, each having different perspectives and bringing their own valued knowledge and understanding to the table.

The opportunity to represent the current students at Imperial and be a testimony for prospective students is very exhilarating. I believe it is crucial to take holistic approach in catering prospective students queries. It is always beneficial to get guidance from someone who has successfully lived through a similar situation and I personally have also reaped benefits by taking advice from my senior batch students (MSc BA 2016).

I had certain presumptions and apprehensions regarding the programme. Thanks to the numerous Q&A webinars and Online Information Sessions which helped me in promptly answering all my questions.

Similarly, I would also like to empower new students to feel like they belong to Imperial and assist applicants having experiences in diverse industries. It will be great to share knowledge with not only the recent graduates but also the experienced professionals who will certainly have different perspective as compared to recent graduates. I am planning to be involved in a variety of student activities and I wish to bring value by sharing my overall experience to prospective students. Furthermore, as an ambassador, I will be able share my ardour for the subject and also represent a programme that I am incredibly proud to be a part of.

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