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Gain real-world, practical experience

Over the summer term, you will choose to undertake either the Analytics in Business Capstone Project (students take either a Work Placement or Consulting Project) or the Individual Research Report.

Analytics in Business Capstone

Consulting Project

This is a substantial group-based consulting project undertaken for a real client, by our full-time students. It will enable you to apply what you have learnt on the programme to the solution of a real problem faced in business, bringing together your theoretical learning with practical experience.

You can also choose to complete your consulting project with a company outside of the UK, giving you the opportunity to experience the corporate environment in another country.

Companies that have collaborated with our students on the Capstone Business Analytics Consulting Project include Burberry, Expedia, PropertyScape, Johnson and Johnson, 55 UK, Trench Capital, Agilisys and Statoil.

Work Placement

The work placement aims to contribute to the development of your potential by providing you the opportunity to apply the material of the programme to a challenging business situation in which you are fully immersed. The focus is on developing your skills in one specific business context, drawing on the knowledge and skills achieved across the modules. The work placement will give students who have no or little exposure to the corporate environment, the opportunity to experience and operate in a real world situation. Many students studying the part-time programme will use this opportunity to undertake a relevant project that will add value for their current employer.

Individual Research Report

The Individual Research Report constitutes a small piece of research which is begun in the summer term, with the main bulk of the work occurring during July and August. The IRR is offered to students who show an interest in pursuing a PhD.

Imperial College Business School reserves the right to alter modules whenever they need to be amended or improved. Faculty may also change as and when required.

"The programme gives students a solid grounding in rigorous technical and quantitative training, combined with the practical side of business analytics. Bringing both of these together will enable students to tackle a wide variety of business issues. The electives allow further specialisation and when combined with a summer project, it will give students the required grounding to be able to launch a successful career in business analytics."
Alwin Magimay
MSc Business Analytics Advisory Board Member
Alwin Magimay
"I believe that the Capstone project and work placement opportunities will greatly strengthen my competitive ability and prepare me for my career goal."
MSc Business Analytics 2021
Weiming Pu MSc Business Analytics 2020-21, student at Imperial College Business School