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Career Impact chart- MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance

Employment status

100 %
Employed within three months
77 %
Employed in UK
85 %
Employed in finance or consulting

Careers services

Imperial College Business School Careers provides world-class support that is tailored to your own individual career aspirations, and is an integral part of our Master’s programmes.

A number of personalised services are provided before you start and throughout your time at the Business School to support you in securing a job in the sector of your choice.

You’ll have access to our expert consultant throughout the year, who will work with you to identify your skills and strengths, refine your CV, set up mock interviews and review your overall career strategy. You can also call upon their support once you have graduated, for ongoing help and guidance in your career.

Before you start the programme you will have access to a suite of online career modules. These modules will help you develop your career strategy, understand how to effectively market yourself and ultimately find a career that is right for you. The modules include hints and tips from recruiters and current students, which will help ensure you are well-placed to start working with the Careers team from day one to maximise your chance of finding your ideal job.

In our workshops you will receive guidance on preparing CVs, cover letters and application forms. Not only will you be able to develop your interview and assessment centre skills, but you will also further your personal development through refining your presentation and networking skills as well as your cross-culture team work.

Our Employer Relations team bring you closer to your potential employers by working with businesses across the global to increase the profile and employability of our students. They advertise job vacancies and maximise the opportunities for you to meet companies on campus through recruitment events, careers fairs, student clubs, projects and other networking activities.

Connecting with employers

Our Employer Relations team is responsible for building and developing sustainable relationships with top employers that our students aspire to work for. We pride ourselves on offering a first-class service to our corporate contacts, students and alumni, and host a number of events to help students gain the commercial awareness they will require to be successful through the assessment process and beyond.

We work closely with a number of large employers such as Amazon, Apple, Morgan Stanley, Dyson, McKinsey, LVMH, Kraft-Heinz, and JP Morgan, alongside small and medium-sized firms and start-ups.

We connect employers to Business School talent through a variety of bespoke activities including:

As part of your academic programme, we host prominent guest lectures from leading companies to give you industry insight and a perspective into the key challenges facing businesses today.

We hold a number of careers fairs such as the Consulting & Finance and Corporate & Technology fairs, which provide you with the opportunity to network with representatives from companies in your chosen sector to gain further insight into their organisation.

Our recruitment presentations offer you the chance to engage with top companies from a variety of sectors, where you will find out about opportunities within their organisations and what they look for when recruiting graduates.

We have established partnerships with London-based and international organisations, offering you the opportunity to connect and network with some of the most forward-thinking companies in the world. An invaluable opportunity to meet employers before your interview.

The Business School supports a number of student-led clubs which bring together students with similar areas of career interest and/or professional backgrounds. These provide opportunities to learn from and network with students, alumni and other professionals, as well as build links with relevant employers in the sector and learn about the type of roles available and the skills needed.

The Business School has clubs aligned to the core industry sectors of Consulting, Energy & Sustainability, Finance, FMCG, Healthcare, Luxury and Retail, Social Impact and Technology & Media.

If you have aspirations to work in a specific sector, Imperial College Business School Careers organise a range of industry-focused activities, to provide you with deeper knowledge and sector relevant commercial awareness to give you an edge in your interview. These include:

  • ‘In Focus’ events which offer intense, practical insights into Investment Banking, Asset Management, Sales & Trading and Consulting, delivered by industry experts from top firms such as Deutsche Bank, Jefferies, Nomura, Citibank, Evercore and Goldman Sachs

  • One-to-one consultations with finance industry experts

  • Finance case study practice sessions

  • Stock Pitch sessions

  • Drop-in sessions for job applications to be reviewed or to ask specific questions about the finance sector

  • Group sessions to review current business news to build your confidence in presenting commercial awareness in interview situations

Industry-specific events facilitated by the Centre for Climate Finance & Investment. Previous events have included:

  • Climate Investment Challenge Virtual Final
  • International Holographic Conference on Sustainable Finance
  • Business & Climate Leadership Address
  • Responsible Investment Pension Finance
  • Climate Change and the Cost of Capital in Developing Countries launch

Networking opportunities and events hosted by the Centre for Climate Finance & Investment. Previous events have included:

  • MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance industry networking drinks with the Advisory Board
  • Business & Climate Leadership Address with student networking

You will have access to a wealth of excellent career e-resources to help you with initial career ideas all the way through to negotiating a job offer. These include insightful industry guides and company information, access to industry experts for informational interviewing, and guidance on pay negotiation. You will also benefit from practical resources such as case study prep and psychometric tests to help you prepare for the recruitment process and interviews in your chosen industry. You will have access to Wall Street Prep, which will enable you to improve your advanced Excel and financial modelling skills early, essential if you are aspiring to enter the fields of Investment Banking, Private Equity or Corporate Finance.

"Careers provided feedback on my CV which I used for applications, and it got me many interviews. It was also super cool that Careers has a platform which uses AI to adjust our posture and intonation in preparation for our interview."
MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance 2021
Shaorui Zhang MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance 2020-21, student at Imperial College Business School