Milena Kihm

Programme: MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance 2018

Nationality: German

MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance

Studying MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance

Why did you choose to study your programme and why specifically at Imperial College Business School?

Having witnessed the impacts of climate change around the world, I knew that I wanted to learn more about it and understand how we can create a more sustainable way of living and doing business. The MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance was the only course that combined the business and the scientific approach, allowing me to capitalise on everything I had learned during my bachelor’s degree.

What was the most important learning point you took with you from the Business School?

I could list many learning points, but I think the most important thing that I learned in class and through many discussions, is that there are many brilliant and like-minded people around you, who may not share your opinions, but engaging with them and listening to their point of views will enrich yours.

What was the most surprising thing about the programme?

Even though all the business/ finance courses are linked to climate change, you don’t miss out on any of the learnings you’d find in a ‘traditional’ course. You just learn more about it – I was surprised by how obvious the relation between climate change and finance seemed to me after a couple of weeks and yet how many people still think it’s totally unrelated.

How do you view your experience of studying at Imperial since you left?

It was an absolutely amazing year! At times it seemed rather stressful and almost overwhelming, but the cohort and amazing community, the intellectual stimulation and the unique experience made it so worth it, I’d start all over again if I could.

How has the programme changed you?

It made me more open minded and aware that even if you share a common passion with others, that doesn’t mean you’ll ‘live it’ the same way, and that’s ok!

Career & professional development

How has the Business School helped develop your career? 

I knew I wanted to do something related to sustainability and climate change, but didn’t think I could get a job I’d like with my bachelor’s. The MSc Climate Change, Management and Finance opened a door at Accenture for me and allowed me to interview for a role as Analyst in the Sustainability Strategy Team in Germany.

What did you take away from your learning experience that has been most applicable to your current role?

Arguing for sustainability based on facts and figures, not just emotions and opinions.

What is your current role like?

It’s pretty steep learning curve, constantly working on new topics, some very long and intense days, and many power points and excel sheets. But I am lucky to work with amazing people who have so much to teach me about sustainability in businesses across industries, which makes working long very worth it!

What do you enjoy most about your current work and what are the main challenges that you face?

I enjoy most seeing first-hand how a business can be changed, and complex problems broken down into smaller ones so as to find suitable solutions. However, having to familiarise myself with very specific industry knowledge in a very short time is challenging.

What is your proudest achievement in the job so far?

I had the opportunity to do extensive research on a sustainability topic we wanted to understand better within the team and present the output to colleagues around the world, and got very positive feedback back!

The alumni network

In what way is remaining connected to your alumni network important to you?

Most of us are working in jobs related to climate change, sustainability and/ or finance. Remaining connected with my fellow alumni is not just a way of continuing to bond with friends over the amazing time we had at Imperial and share insights and interests, but also important in terms of jobs!

What value do you get out of your connections with the Business School and your fellow alumni?

Connections with the Business School and alumni are very important, as they can help you get in touch with someone working at a company you’d be interested in, or talk to experts in a field that you need to understand better etc. So those connections are of tremendous value to me!

Advice for future students

What advice would you give to a prospective student considering studying the same Business School programme as you?

The programme is amazing, it’ll give you a solid understanding of climate change, finance and most importantly how they fit together! So, if that sounds like something you’re interested in, apply!

Programme: MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance 2018

Nationality: German