Sarah Clements

I have grown up in a generation where climate change is considered a serious problem which is embedded in our everyday lives. The MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance programme addresses this global problem, highlighting the critical need to drive a change to our economy and its associated energy systems. I have always wanted to work on projects encouraging this low-carbon transition and therefore this course greatly appealed to me. It enables students to learn how to be a business leader in the ‘green’ sector by gaining interdisciplinary skills. The modules undertaken encapsulate an extensive knowledge of the low-carbon solutions available, along with the financing and policy that is needed to implement them.

Imperial College Business school is a world-renowned university for both it’s academic brilliance along with its extensive Alumni Network. It encourages the completion of a placement as part of your course, and has an amazing careers service to ensure that you’ll work for a company that you really want to. In addition, the MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance programme has an Advisory Board with members from industries ranging from consulting to consumer goods, who are all very keen to interact with, and employ students.

The Student Ambassador Scheme is a chance to give back to the university which I am extremely proud to be a part of. I want to be able to offer prospective students an honest insight into applying and undertaking the MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance programme. With this being the programme’s inaugural year, I am honoured to have the opportunity to communicate the benefits of studying this course at Imperial College Business School.

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