Graduate Destinations

Our industry partners confirm that there is a real need for people with both practical business skills, such as finance or economics, and knowledge of the challenges of sustainability and climate change. There is a willingness to seek graduates that have an understanding of the relationship between the two.

As this is a new programme, destination data is not yet available. We have undertaken a substantial study on business needs, which has revealed a need for graduates in Climate Change, Management and Finance in tomorrow’s business world. We expect graduates to gain employment within a wide range of industries, whether in sustainability-focused roles or broader business management roles. Examples of graduate destinations are likely to include strategy consultancies, technology businesses, marketing agencies, energy or consumer goods companies or financial firms.

Our dedicated careers service will help you present yourself with confidence to the world’s top employers. An important part of our Careers Service is the Employer Relations Team, who work directly with recruiters, both in the UK and internationally, to support the hiring of our students.

To mitigate harmful climate change business must drive the development of a low carbon economy. The changes needed to organisations are substantial, yet offer major opportunities. Our programme will equip graduates with the skills to lead the changes required to grow a cleaner, sustainable planet.

Professor Martin Siegert, Co-Director, Grantham Institute