Dheeraj Ahluwalia

Often you find that knowledge learnt at undergraduate level isn’t practical, and you end up forgetting most of the concepts, ideas and theories within a few months. This is why the MSc Economics & Strategy for Business programme is incredibly enticing – a chance to not only deepen my understanding of theory, but also apply it to the real-world. From modules like Corporate Finance & Digital Strategy to Business Simulations and a live Consulting Project, the course allows one to get a leg-up in whatever industry they choose to go into. 

It is common knowledge that there are many great business schools in London, never mind the world. However my mind was made up as soon as I visited Imperial during an information session. Imperial College Business School is incredibly forward-thinking with a key focus on developing not only your analytical, quantitative skills, but also your qualitative, soft skills. This opens up many doors and the Careers Team ensure securing any job in your sights is achievable.

Furthermore it’s important to realise that the world is changing, and changing quickly. Therefore we must update what we learn, and the way we learn in line with this. Imperial College Business School makes sure your learning is contemporary, and there are many resources available to you so that you are ready for whatever path you choose in the modern world.

Aforementioned, the deciding factor for me was attending the information session. The ambassadors I met were diverse, friendly, and intelligent. They were of great help to me and I told myself at that point that if were lucky enough to receive an offer, I would apply to be a Student Ambassador so that I could assist students in the same manner I was.

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