Faheem Hussain

faheem300x300I am passionate about the study of Economics. I enjoy analysing numbers and data – macro-economic, industry, company and statistical information to coming up with insights for solving real world problems. I have had internships in the Financial Services industry where I had the opportunity to experience real life problem solving and it fascinated me. Therefore, I decided to pursue MSc Economics and Strategy for Business in order to strengthen my academic skills and learn advance tools and techniques to make myself a stronger worker in the economy.

What attracted me to the course is its well-crafted structure and practical approach to every aspect. For example, after I finished the first module of Analytics of Applied Economics and Business, I had the opportunity to produce an econometric paper which investigates into causal effects of two variables and to add on that, it was a teamwork project.

Another driver of my decision is the excellent careers service that the college offers – in my first term of course, I was jam-packed with employer events and skills workshops that made a big difference to my career development. I believe Imperial College London with its enormous reputation and network is a perfect place for me to learn.

I joined the team of Student Ambassadors to tell people about how proud I am to be a part of this community.

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