MSc Finance & Accounting

Victor Lopes graduated from MSc Finance & Accounting in 2016. He now works as a Technology Consultant Analyst at Deloitte. Previously, Victor graduated from Imperial College London with a MEng in Chemical Engineering and worked as a Process (Chemical) Engineer. In this profile he shares how MSc Finance & Accounting taught him core business skills and gave him a solid background to move into a consulting career.

Current work experience

Tell us about your current job role.

I’m a Technology Consulting Analyst at Deloitte, where I work primarily as a software tester. My main responsibility is to plan, execute and report on testing activities based on the functionality produced by developers. This is to ensure that as many defects get identified and rectified as possible, while meeting business and system requirements.

What skills does the job require?

Planning, organisation, analytical thinking, thoroughness and attention to detail. Resilience is important because a lot of things would not progress if I didn’t push. People skills are also necessary because the role sometimes requires having difficult conversations with project stakeholders.

What’s your proudest achievement in the job role so far?

My proudest achievement has been to introduce better and more effective data driven reporting to internal and external stakeholders. It changed the way reporting was being done and received a lot of positive feedback from my Deloitte project partner who feels information is now being presented in a more structured and informative manner.

Studying MSc Finance & Accounting at Imperial

Why did you choose to study MSc Finance & Accounting?

Before starting the MSc Finance & Accounting, I worked for three years as a Process (Chemical) Engineer at Lucite International. I decided I wanted to make a career change and apply those transferable skills to consulting.

I chose MSc Finance & Accounting because I wanted to study a specific and technical business subject, not a general business qualification. At the same time, I still needed to learn core business skills. Both finance and accounting are key business areas that have really helped me in my consulting career.

Why did you choose Imperial College Business School? 

I studied my undergraduate in Chemical Engineering at Imperial so that was a big factor for me as I knew how good the standard, making me more than happy to go back. The reputation of the Business School is strong, and the impressive Finance Times ranking of finance at Imperial which also influenced my decision.

What practical skills did you learn on MSc Finance & Accounting?

I learnt a variety of transferable skills: planning and organisation, timekeeping and analytical thinking.

What was the highlight of the programme?

Academically speaking, I really enjoyed the Derivatives and Management Accounting core modules. The skills I learnt were practical and transferable to the workplace. In the final part of the MSc, I completed the Applied Project, which involved producing a data-driven report on the equity valuation of BP.

Experience of a Business School student

What do you miss most about your time on MSc Finance & Accounting?

I miss many things, h-bar food for example! I miss the campus life and student lifestyle a lot, and South Kensington was an incredible location. Of course, I also miss working and spending time with my fellow students.

How important was it to your experience to be located in London?

It’s one of the main reasons I chose Imperial. I wanted to make the move to London because I knew it provided the best opportunities for a consulting career. Most top companies and clients tend to be in London.

Career Support

Did you make use of the Career & Professional Development Service?

The help I got from the  Career & Professional Development Service  was probably the best part of MSc Finance & Accounting for me. I went to several talks and workshops, including single and group case study simulations to prepare myself for interviews and assessment days. I attended many consulting talks with industry leaders and alumni. This helped me to be more confident and to aim higher in the companies I was applying for. On a more practical level, the talks were great because I was able to meet people with insight into leading companies and get practical advice on writing my CV and cover letter.

Advice for prospective students

What advice would you give to students considering the MSc Finance & Accounting?

  • Start applications early for job roles in finance, accounting and consulting.
  • Be true to yourself. Just because your friends are pursuing roles in one sector (e.g. investment banking) it doesn’t mean you have to as well. I took the programme to pursue a career in consulting which shows how versatile the programme is.

What do Deloitte look for in candidates?

Deloitte Consulting look for strong communication and analytical skills, and a flexible and adaptive approach to work. In the world of consulting, each project differs massively and you have to be prepared to travel.

To summarise

Imperial has made a huge difference to my life. As a returning student, I can say that for a second time. Once again I was not disappointed!

MSc Finance & Accounting
Previous education:

MEng Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London

Previous experience:

Process (Chemical) Engineer, Lucite International

Job after studying at Imperial College Business School:

Technology Consulting Analyst at Deloitte