Danny Dumas

danny300x300When it became clear to me that my next step would be to complete a postgraduate programme, I researched different masters and universities around the World. I heard about Imperial College thanks to its impressive international reputation. I became even more familiar with the programme as one of my close friends recently graduated from it and shared his experiences. I am very impressed by the diversity of the student body, the quality and the rigour of the education, and the invaluable help he received during his recruitment period. Aside of the notoriety associated with the name, that I highly value, the location of the campus is incredible. Studying in London means being close to the biggest firms in the world, but also being immersed by the richness of so many different cultures.

The MSc Finance & Accounting provides the best of both worlds. The accounting modules assure a firm comprehension of the dynamics of the financial statements while the finance courses offer the tools needed to face challenges of the financial markets. The range of core courses and the vast amount of electives enable me to tailor the curriculum to my interests, thereby perfectly preparing me for my career ambition to work for the most reputable financial companies in the world.

For me, being a student ambassador is the best way to share my experiences, and to promote Imperial College and the MSc Finance & Accounting programme since I truly believe this is a great path for your future.

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