Richard Smith

I completed an undergraduate BCom in Economics and then a Postgraduate BCom Honours in Financial Management in South Africa before coming to Imperial College Business School. I chose the MSc Finance & Accounting course because of its unique combination of Accounting, Investments, and Finance. The course is well-geared to prepare students for a diverse set of career paths, for example Banking, Consulting, and Finance.

I chose Imperial College Business School primarily because of its leading reputation, but only once you get to London and mingle with the local people do you get to fully apprehend how prestigious and recognized Imperial College really is!

I decided to be a part of the Student Ambassador program because I want to support the growth of the Business School. Even with very high expectations, I was surprised at how impressive the Imperial College Business School experience is, and I would love to share this with you. As a student ambassador I am willing to answer all questions, including ones relating to the MSc Finance & Accounting course, Imperial College Business School, or overall student life in London.

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