Stefano Della Chiesa
MSc Finance

Stefano della Chiesa d’Isasca

Stefano is a member of the Structuring Solutions team in the Corporate and investment division of UniCredit Bank. He joined UniCredit in 2008, in the equity derivatives sales group with responsibility for Italian institutional clients. Prior to this, he worked at Commerzbank in equity derivatives sales covering Italian insurances, banks, and pension funds. Stefano began as a graduate trainee in J.P. Morgan in 1997, where he spent five years in a variety of roles, including Audit, IT and derivatives marketing. Stefano holds an MSc in Finance from Imperial College Business School, the Wilmott Certificate in Quantitative finance, and an undergraduate degree in economics from University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

Studying MSc Finance

Why did you decide to do the MSc Finance programme?

With a background in economics and having worked in derivatives, I wanted to deepen my theoretical background in finance. The MSc Finance qualification has been an excellent investment for my future, helping me in the short term within the derivatives industry, but most of all providing me with a solid foundation for any job in the future.

The programme equipped me with the best tools to understand complex financial products and has subsequently enabled me to focus on different types of products and investor demands and to quickly adapt to market changes.

Career & professional development

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

Helping investors find the right products for themselves and their clients, and spending time pricing and discussing the new products’ risk/reward features with both structuring and trading.

The alumni network

Why were you keen to become a member of the Alumni Advisory Board?

My interest in being part of the Alumni Advisory Board is driven by my desire to contribute to the Business School’s efforts to combine excellence in quantitative finance with strong connections to the investment banking community in the City of London. I strongly believe that these connections are beneficial for current Business School students, the alumni network and industry itself.

Why is your alumni network important to you?

I believe that innovations in the financial markets come both from industry and academia and the alumni network will always allow me to be up-to-date with latest information.

Staying connected with one another allows alumni to share industry experience and career paths. The alumni network is a powerful tool I’d advise graduates to use as much as possible. During my studies I was lucky to create some strong friendships, and my wife, sister-in-law and brother-in-law are all MSc Finance alumni so it’s even easier to keep in touch!

MSc Finance 2004
Undergraduate education :

BA Economics, University of Rome “La Sapienza”

Job prior to Imperial College Business School :

Audit, IT Project Management Derivatives Marketing at J.P. Morgan and Commerzbank AG

Job after Imperial College Business School :

Vice President – Credit structuring, Unicredit Bank AG