Jeremy Tan

jeremy-tan-300x300I chose to pursue the MSc Finance programme because I wanted to deepen my financial knowledge and equip myself with specific technical skills that would give me a competitive edge. In pursuit of this, I was particularly attracted by the programme at Imperial College Business School for two key reasons. First, is the programme’s focus on the quantitative aspect of finance, which I feel would be beneficial to receive formal teaching on as it is a topic that is difficult to pick up on your own. Second, are the electives offered, which I feel are current, practical, and equips candidates with skills that are directly transferable to specifics roles in the finance industry.

I chose to be part of the Student Ambassador Scheme because I personally benefited from the previous batch of Ambassadors and wanted to be part of developing this supportive community that the school has instituted. I also find it a privilege to be able to play a role in building up the reputation of the business school and enjoy meeting and working with prospective students and colleagues. Being part of this scheme definitely enhances my time at Imperial at gives me a more holistic university experience.

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