Serena Bergamini

I have always been very attracted by the financial world, as every day starts with new challenges and opportunities.

When I finished my Bachelor’s degree, I wanted to gain more knowledge on this field, therefore I decided to pursue a Master’s in Finance.  However, when starting a successful career in the financial world, it is fundamental to be equipped with effective skills to stand out from the competition and to gain the opportunity to prove yourself on the job. For this reason, I have been researching a university that is able to provide me with these skills and this led me to Imperial College. Besides Imperial College’s exceptional world-wide reputation, the university offers the students a broad range of enviable opportunities, from career events to culture and sport clubs. As a Master’s student here, I could not think of a more stimulating environment to foster personal growth than this one. Nevertheless, getting through the application process and being selected for the MSc Finance has been a hard job and I was grateful to have someone who helped me through.

Not every student has the same opportunities that I had and seeing the great experience I am living so far at Imperial College Business School, I am extremely excited to be at the disposal as a Student Ambassador for students wanting to share the same experience.

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