Rakiya Galadima Suleiman
MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management

Studying MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management

Why did you choose to study MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management and why specifically at Imperial College Business School?

I have always been passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. I perceive innovation as the means by which change can be exploited.  The programme was a great choice for me as I could combine the skills gained from my Master’s degree and my Biomedical Science undergraduate degree towards achieving my long-term career goal of starting my own healthcare company. The programme is well-recognised and multi-disciplinary, it offers the opportunity to develop skills that will be essential to the fast-growing business sector. These skills include the financial management of a business, developing innovative business ideas and proposals among other entrepreneurial skills required to start up and sustain successful businesses.

The programme provided me with the opportunity to interact and network with numerous individuals from all around the world in a learning-orientated environment. Imperial College Business School has a high reputation internationally and the facilities and staff on the programme were also impressive. The career prospects are also high and this will contribute towards fulfilling my career aspirations.

What was the most important learning point you took with you from the Business School?

The business world today is very competitive and requires a lot of skills and confidence. Managing resources and demanding targets all present challenges and there is a constant need for one to get talent and strategies better aligned to such demands. The Business School prepared me for this.

What was the most surprising thing about the programme?

The diversity. I enjoyed meeting individuals with different backgrounds and experiences.

How do you view your experience of studying at Imperial since you left?

It was a great opportunity for me, I gained more clarity regarding what I wanted to do after graduating. The Imperial brand opens up opportunities for students and being part of the alumni network allows you to stay connected to those opportunities.

How did you find living in London?

London is a multi-cultural city, there is so much to see and do. The opportunities are immense, especially if you have a passion for entrepreneurship or working in a start-up.

How has the programme changed you?

I have gained business experience which is important to me given my previous science/medical background. I have also expanded my professional and friendship network, being part of the programme is not just about the academic aspect, but also the people you meet and interact with.

Career & professional development

How has the Business School helped develop your career? 

It has helped me to define my career and professional goals. An MSc degree from Imperial College Business School made me stand out and given me the opportunity to connect with start-ups and multi-national companies.

What did you take away from your learning experience that has been most applicable to your current role?

The experience gained from the programme has equipped me with skills in creativity, leadership and management to overcome various business challenges. For example, the case studies and evaluation of business models helped me to spot and develop business opportunities within my current role at Homeppl.

What is your current role like?

Since joining Homeppl as part of the work placement aspect of the MSc programme, I have had the opportunity to work within a fast-growing financial and property technology sector while having a great impact within the company.  I have used my interpersonal and communication skills gained from the programme in dealing with different clients. I have learnt a great deal about product delivery and client satisfaction and have also had the opportunity to mentor colleagues, take positions of leadership and drive innovation within the company.

What do you enjoy most about your current work and what are the main challenges that you face?

I have benefitted from working with multi-faceted clients and teams in a company where my ideas are embraced and implemented. I also value the steep learning curve as it has given me the opportunity to work in diverse positions. The biggest challenge is being accountable, working in a start-up requires independence and setting individual goals. It is important to stay focused and improve daily.

The alumni network

In what way is remaining connected to your alumni network important to you? 

It is very important to me. It helps me stay connected with my cohort, the progress of the Business School and provides a wealth of advice and professional opportunities.

What value do you get out of your connections with the Business School and your fellow alumni?

Being part of a community, access to support and professional advice as well as giving back to the community.

Advice for future students

What advice would you give to a prospective student considering studying the same Business School programme as you?

Research about the opportunities at the Business School to make sure that the programme is right for you and your career prospects. Networking is key, embrace it and be open minded.

MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management 2017
Undergraduate education:

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science at Newcastle University

Job prior to Imperial College Business School:

Brand Ambassador, BAE Systems and KPMG

Job after studying at Imperial College Business School:

Business Development Manager, Homeppl