Tiravan Vanichnam
MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management

Studying MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management

Why did you choose to study MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management, and why specifically at Imperial College Business School?

For me, my one ultimate life goal had always been to become a successful fashion designer. And personally, there was just one gap to fill: fostering my business acumen. Past academic knowledge, work experience, technical ability, and genuine passion for fashion I believed already gave me a strong position to tackle the fashion industry, but I also believed that studying on the MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management programme could essentially help me become not just a fashion designer, but a fashion entrepreneur. Today’s world is a tough nut to crack, and it’s essential to not only know how to design, but market and manage respectively. I figured that its unique programme structure would allow me to gain advanced insights into innovation and entrepreneurship whilst at all times having some sort of creative freedom.

What was the best bit of the programme for you?

Without a doubt it was the class of 2013. I was privileged to meet many of the brightest individuals that together brought energy and diversity that made the programme truly unique and interesting. We all remain close friends.

What are the most important things your time at the Business School gave you?

The countless number of group projects fostered me to become a greater team player. I was able to manage the team and execute our strategy when I had the opportunity to do so, and likewise work effectively and punctually on individual tasks when assigned to do so. The amount of pitches and presentations delivered have also given me much self-confidence and the ability to adapt my communication style to specific environments and audiences.

Career & Professional Development

How did Imperial College Business School prepare you for finding the right job to start your career?

I’m very thankful to the Careers and Professional Services team for their dedication to constant career events throughout my time at the School. They provided a platform that connected students like myself to relevant information and opportunities. Having previously come from a design background, I always figured that it would be the only industry I would be in. However, through self-development at the Business School and the many careers events they held, I had the opportunity to explore many more areas of interest, industries, and companies. Through this, my aspiration for working at Google began. And the resources they continue to provide to the alumni network, has proven to be very useful.

How did you find your role?

I started by updating my CV and LinkedIn profile to their best. LinkedIn, especially, was surprisingly helpful and effective as it attracted many headhunters to my profile, one of which was a recruiter for Google. Being able to view people in your business network, affiliate connections, and job opportunities relevant to your profile makes it a highly useful tool.

How did the programme prepare you for your current job?

The programme equipped me with the knowledge of technological and business trends through in-depth analysis of real-life case studies that have effectively prepared me for the exciting tech-industry.

The alumni network

Have you been able to utilise the alumni network? If so, what is the best thing about the alumni network?

It’s very important to stay connected and keep up-to-date with the latest news via social media. Connections and networking has proven to have a big impact in the working world, and the Imperial Alumni network is another large network that I value highly.

Advice to prospective students

What advice would you give to someone considering the MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management programme?

At first you have to think hard and know yourself. Know what skills you have and how to fulfil the skills you lack. And then, if you have ambition, want a challenge, and technology and innovation interests you, then this programme should be one you consider taking.

Would you recommend the Imperial College MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management programme? Why?

Yes. Definitely. The programme is a game changer…

MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management 2013
Undergraduate education:

BA (Hons) Cordwainer Accessories, London College of Fashion

Job after studying at Imperial College Business School:

Account Manager, SMB Sales, Google (Asia-Pacific)