Alexander Bleeker

alexander300x300As an aspiring entrepreneur, I was drawn to the MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management programme as Imperial gives you the outstanding academics paired with practical learning to fully prepare yourself for your next endeavor. Not only are you among some of the brightest minds at Imperial but the long standing history of excellence at the school means that the career services can help you connect with great alumni from around the world in an array of disciplines.

I choose Imperial because of its international student body; in our programme alone, we are comprised of students from 40 countries, so you are learning both from faculty and peers.

I was helped by a Student Ambassador when I had questions about Imperial and was blown away by the enthusiasm and knowledge of the student. This experience made a big difference to me and hope to make that same difference for future students. The student ambassador scheme is wonderful as you are working with incumbent students, current ones, and faculty and you can help connect people to make the community richer.

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