Eleni Toupogianni

eleni300x300My decision to apply for the master’s program in Innovation Entrepreneurship and Management at Imperial reflects my long-term interests in how companies and individuals can introduce new technologies, services and systems that can be used to create new commercial opportunities.

Seeing the industry from the perspective of entrepreneurship is crucial, because it creates a set of practices tailored to taking innovative paths to competitiveness and understanding the balance of risks in introducing new services, products, and offers.

Moreover, Imperial has always been the number one school I wanted to apply. As a student now at ICBS, I am proud to be part of an international community that is acknowledged not only for its academic strengths but also for its professional potential.

Being part of the world’s leading business schools, means receiving the highest quality knowledge and feedback from top professors. An invaluable experience that is shaping my entrepreneurial mindset that will ultimately kick-start my career development.

Hence, I can confidently say that the MSc at Imperial provides me with all tools, support and environment required to sharpen my competences in the industry, build a competitive advantage while extend my networking and learning.

My decision to apply for the Student Ambassador role stems from my honor to be an Imperial College student and  eagerness to prove so. I am willing to commit and can see clear ways my participation will provide to a stronger brand of Imperial College Business School. As an active representative, I aim to improve existing areas of feedback and attract high profile, international students. I am looking forward to  making the most out of this year and I believe that this is a great chance to give back to the School and  build an even stronger network among Imperial College students.

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