Wei (Megan) Wang

My name is Wei Wang and I am a Chinese MSc student of the Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management course. I have always been interested in start-ups and fascinated by ways of business management. This course enables me to explore different fields of knowledge and equip me with skills needed in business. With the completion of the course, I hope that conversion of my innovative business ideas would have an influential impact on society.

I have chose to study at Imperial College Business School because it has abundant resources, which connects students to world-renowned academics and build relationships with potential investors. Most importantly, surrounding myself with an internationally and culturally diverse group of talented students that gives me the motivation to become a successful entrepreneur.

Being a Student Ambassador not only allows me to communicate but also in hopes to inspire other people via this platform. Moreover, as an international student,  I understand the difficulties to live and study in a foreign country that allows me to better understand their needs and address their enquiries. Finally, I look forward to the opportunities to get involved with various exciting and challenging tasks that would further improve my professional skills.

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