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World-class faculty

Our faculty are specialists in their field. They have international research reputations, consult for some of the top businesses in the world and are often asked to give academic insight on a wide variety of topics.

Dr Anu Wadhwa

Programme Director and Associate Professor

Anu’s research examines patterns and processes of entrepreneurship in established firms, the impact of corporate entrepreneurship on organizational innovation, how entrepreneurial actors make decisions under extreme uncertainty and how pre-entry experience and knowledge impact post-entry innovation choices and outcomes.

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Anu Wadhwa MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management Programme Director

Dr Yuri Mishina

Assistant Professor

Yuri’s research examines within-firm corporate governance processes, and in particular, how top management team and stakeholder belief systems influence a firm’s strategic choices and outcomes. In order to do so, he draws upon a variety of literatures to uncover how social evaluations (e.g., reputations, stigma), expectations, and the cognitive biases of managers may influence illegal activities, executive compensation, and firm performance.

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Yuri Mishina

Dr Paola Criscuolo

Associate Professor

Paola joined the Business School in October 2004 as a Research Associate working with Ammon Salter on a EPSRC-funded research project which analyses the evolution of networks and capabilities in two engineering consulting firms (ARUP and WS Atkins ). Her main research interests are R&D internationalization, knowledge management, knowledge integration, methodological issues related to patents and patent citation analysis, social network analysis. She teaches the Innovation Management module.

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Dr Sankalp Chaturvedi

Associate Professor

The central focus of Sankalp’s research is in the areas of Organisational Citizenship Behaviour, Leadership, and Interpersonal Trust. In addition, Sankalp is also interested in examining the “nature vs. nurture” debates with regard to behaviours in organisations. He uses twin-sampling methodology to advance the understanding of the biological basis of behavior. Sankalp has been an active participant and reviewer in several international conferences like the Academy of Management and the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

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Dr Ileana Stigliani

Assistant Professor

Ileana’s research focuses on how material artifacts and practices influence cognitive processes – including sensemaking and sensegiving , categorisation, and perceptions of organisational and professional identities – within organisations. She investigates these themes in design-based companies – e.g., Alessi, Kartell, Alfa Romeo, Piaggio, and Ducati – and in Product and Service Design consulting firms – Continuum Innovation, IDEO, Live Work, Engine Service Design

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Ileana Stigliani

Dr Dmitry Sharapov

Assistant Professor

Dmitry’s research interests lie at the intersections of the literatures on competitive strategy, innovation management, and decision-making under uncertainty.His current research aims to improve our understanding of competitive dynamics under uncertainty, using data from the America’s Cup World Series sailing competition

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Dimtry Sharapov