MSc International Health Management

Why did you choose to study MSc International Health Management and why specifically at Imperial College Business School?

I wanted to change careers within the healthcare sector and saw that the MSc International Health Management could act as a stepping stone, helping to consolidate my CV and giving me a management foundation.

What advice would you give to a prospective student considering studying the same Business School programme as you?

You need to understand why you want to do the MSc and start networking and planning for your next job as soon as the programme starts. A Master’s degree on its own will not get you a job, and without giving due consideration to your future career plans, you risk leaving the Business School unemployed.

What is your fondest memory from your time at the Business School?

I particularly enjoyed working with my group. I miss them all. My best memory involved a role play on an organisational behaviour topic which we presented to the rest of the class. We had such a fun time together. There are so many memories that I will treasure. In my group we supported each other and shared a common goal of achieving A grades in all our coursework.

How has the Business School helped develop your career?

The Business School provided me with a foundation in management which I needed to complement my clinical knowledge.

How did you benefit from the services provided by the Business School’s Career and Professional Development Services Team?

The Business School provided me with the contact I needed to get a first informal interview at the company I am now working for. There are excellent networking opportunities to be taken up through studying at the Business School.

MSc International Health Management 2010
United Kingdom
Undergraduate :

BMedSci Public Health, Birmingham University MBBS, Guy’s King’s and St Thomas’ School of Medicine

Employment before studying at the Business School :

Business Development Manager, Secure Healthcare

Employment after studying at the Business School :

Advisor, KPMG