Cristiano van Zeller

The MSc International Health Management programme allows me to build on my clinical experience of 4 years working in the NHS as a Doctor and develop the knowledge and skills that will help me drive improvements in the service in future roles in management and consulting. Secondly,  not only the course content but also the student body, is truly global. I will be able to hear about how healthcare is delivered in countries all around the world from people with a wealth and breadth of experience that is unique to the course and adds a whole new dimension to my learning.

Imperial College Business School has a reputation as a centre for excellence in the UK and around the world. There is a focus on the academic rigour of their courses but also very importantly, there is a concern with how this information can be applied to the real world in practical terms, which makes the transition back into the working world much easier and seamless.

I spent many months thinking about how best to transition from a clinical to a managerial role. I would have spent many more months had it not been for the insights I gained from friends and previous students of the MSc International Health Management programme. As a Student Ambassador, I want to help others who had the same questions and doubts I did and help them make the most informed and adequate choice for them.

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