Samir Ballouz

The International Health Management programme is at the forefront of training managers in the healthcare sector and are at the forefront of research into global health policy, health economics and strategy. l wanted to not only broaden my perspective, but also gain the necessary tools to use my current experience as a registered nurse and program coordinator. Though an MBA might give me a structured way to learn how to build organisational values, and design organisational hierarchies, there is a definite added value having a curriculum enriched with a focus on innovations and trends in healthcare. Interfacing with industry leaders in healthcare advisory would also be a great advantage when seeking placement as a postgraduate.

Imperial College Business School’s location in London, as a central hub in the global economy, implies numerous benefits. There exists an international community of students and faculty with whom I wanted to collaborate and conduct research with, as well as a variety of venues for activities to form life-long partnerships as well as strong friendships. These combined with a global alumni network would be integral for my personal and professional growth.

I want to be able to help others in making the right decision for them and to allay any concerns they might have about the experience at Imperial by sharing my experience so far. My time at Imperial so far has been so promising and enriching on both a personal and professional level and it would be an absolute pleasure to share it with others.

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