Sera Senturk

My decision to undertake the programme was based on wanting to expand the scope of my current background in medicine from clinical application and research to management, with a focus on international health policy and strategy.

The programme is structured with targeted courses in managerial skill development, understanding and practical applications. The programme not only equips students with technical capabilities, such as cost assessment from Accounting and marketing proficiency from Global Business Strategy, but it also provides extensive collaborative efforts through group projects, teamwork and a challenging end-of-year business plan to apply what is learned in classes to actual real-life simulations.

It was very important for me to further my studies in a business-catered programme as my interests lied heavily in undertaking a tailored degree in managerial health which pushes the extent of theoretical knowledge to engaging in realistic implementations, and the Imperial Business School is renown for its excellence in innovation and practicalities. I was also drawn to the extensive reach of different opportunities outside of the programme and the internationally diverse student body.

Being part of the Student Ambassador Scheme was a very personal decision rooted from wanting to provide a welcoming community for all students.  As someone who has lived independently in many countries around the world, I sympathize greatly with the challenges of adjusting to new environments. Through my role as a Student Ambassador, I will do my utmost to draw on my experiences and provide insight to help everyone feel fully supported throughout their journey.

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