Faculty Profiles

World-class faculty

Our faculty are specialists in their field. They have international research reputations, consult for some of the top businesses in the world and are often asked to give academic insight on a wide variety of topics.

Dr Baggy Cox

Programme Director MSc International Health Management and Principal Teaching Fellow

Baggy’s research interests are focussed on the role of information systems in healthcare delivery, in particular, the impact of information and communicating technologies on healthcare practice. She has published widely in this area, giving invited talks to international audiences and appearing both in the Press and on TV.

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Dr Benita Cox

Professor Franco Sassi

Professor of International Health Policy and Economics

Franco’s work has been aimed at assessing the impacts of public policies to tackle major chronic diseases and their predisposing risk factors, including poor nutrition, physical inactivity, alcohol and tobacco use, and a range of environmental and social exposures. The overarching theme of his research and publications has been the evaluation of health interventions.

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Professor James Barlow

Chair of Technology and Innovation Management

James’ research focuses on the adoption of innovation in complex sectors of the economy. He is especially interested in construction, housing provision and healthcare.

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James Barlow

Dr Marisa Miraldo

Associate Professor in Health Economics

Marisa is particularly interested in regulation and competition in the healthcare sector and, more generally, in the public sector, as well in the relation between health habits/life style and economic behaviour.

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Dr Maria Farkas

Assistant Professor in Organisational Behaviour

Maria’s research focuses on the processes by which meanings are socially constructed within and across organizations and how those meanings structure behavior for organizations and individuals. Her current work examines the role of meaning making and sharing in the process of industry and market formation.

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Colin Love

Principal Teaching Fellow

Colin Love has worked extensively with international companies holding senior management directorships with Avon Cosmetics, Croda Chemicals, Betterware and Great Universal stores. In addition, in the past 10 years he has taken an entrepreneurial role with ‘dot com’ start-ups and provided consultancy services to Venture Capital companies for investment turnarounds. His teaching interests lie in Marketing, Business Strategy and International Business.

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Colin Love

Dr Pedro Rosa Dias

Associate Professor of Health Economics

Pedro works on health economics in developing countries, inequalities in health and healthcare and the effects of educational policy on health outcomes. Before joining Imperial College London he held academic positions at the Universities of Sussex and York. Pedro has a PhD in Economics from the University of York and an MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics.

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