Angela Lai

Angela LaiNationality: British

Institute and subject studied for Undergraduate degree: BSc Biotechnology (Enterprise), University of Manchester.

Work history before Imperial College: Marketing Assistant Intern, Youngs Watch Company Ltd; Lab Assistant Intern, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Activities/Clubs at Imperial: Student Ambassador, member of the BioPharma & Healthcare Career Club.

Favourite place in London: The London Eye. It has an amazing view of London’s biggest attractions from above.

Choosing to Study the MSc International Health Management at Imperial College Business School

Although my academic interests have normally been in the scientific area, I have also been particularly drawn to many courses and outside interests that have a strong component of management throughout my undergraduate career. I was therefore attracted by the MSc International Health Management programme. The programme matches well with my undergraduate background and provides me with the essential management skills. I have specifically chosen Imperial College London as it is situated in the city where I have always wanted to experience living. I was also attracted to its reputation of high-quality research and world-class staff, which is well known internationally, even in my hometown Hong Kong.

The MSc International Health Management Programme Experience

The overall programme content of the MSc International Health Management at Imperial College Business School is very well structured. The first semester mainly focuses on the basic managerial skills and the second semester then moves towards being more focused on the healthcare sector. I was therefore able to build the essential skills and then apply them in a more defined area. Moreover, the Business Plan Competition is also very stimulating as it allows students to use their creativity and knowledge from the programme to create an innovative idea.

Compared to the other MSc programmes at the Business School, this class is relatively small – only 46 students in my year.  Before coming to Imperial, I was quite worried that I would not be able to expand my network as much as I would have the opportunity to in the other Master’s courses.  However, once I settled in, I knew I was wrong. In the MSc International Health Management cohort we are like a family – supporting each other, sharing different cultural experiences, enjoying time with one another. We have gotten to know each other very well and organised personal events, such as road trips to the Lakes District and post-exam ice skating, which almost everyone in the class attended. I really enjoy the “work hard, play hard” culture created, especially when it is the last year of my academic career.

Life at the Business School

Imperial College provides countless workshops to develop essential skills that are not taught in lectures. I have attended several workshops such as Creative Thinking, Presentation Skills and Academic Writing Skills. They are all very helpful to our current studies, especially for the group projects and for future use. Moreover, many courses such as ‘Managing Change and Innovation in Healthcare’ involves a number of guest lectures, which make the course more stimulating and interesting as you get to listen to real-life cases.

Friendly Community

”I like the way in which Imperial provides an environment where I get to interact with students from other programmes, specialities and backgrounds, which allows me to expand my network even further.”

Everyone at the Business School are friendly and sociable. The lecturers are very approachable and try their best to be supportive. Students are determined to do their best, which I have found very engaging to work with. I also like the way in which Imperial provides an environment where I get to interact with students from other programmes, specialities and backgrounds, which allows me to expand my network even further.

Life in London

Compared to Manchester, where I studied for three years, London is a more expensive place to live. However, I very much enjoy my time here as there is a lot more to explore and it is very easy to get to Europe, where I love traveling in my spare time. As there are many people from different backgrounds living in London, I am able to experience different cultures and broaden my perspective.

Future goals and the Career and Professional Development Service

From the moment that I accepted the offer from Imperial College, I was already receiving information and links from the Career and Professional Development Service. The Careers Service offers help and advice for CV and cover letter writing, as well as developing interview skills and more. Appointments with the Career Consultants can be easily booked online and the team are very supportive. Recruitment fairs and presentations from some of the leading companies, such as GSK and Unilever, are held on campus which is very beneficial.

I am very interested in working for a company that is specialised in providing healthcare products or services. I hope that I will be able to work in a business or management related role in the UK for several years before settling back in Hong Kong.