Consulting Project

Advance your specialist and practical knowledge

During the summer term, you will have the option to either work on a Healthcare Sector Project or undertake a Work Placement to expand your practical experience and knowledge of working in the healthcare sector.

Healthcare Report or Personal Career Journey

You will choose to complete either a Healthcare Report or the Personal Career Journey.

  • Healthcare Report: This option enables you to apply your knowledge and analytical skills to write an individual 5,000 word report on a healthcare topic. By the end of this module you will be able to apply analytical techniques to the decision making processes of health sector organisations and present your analysis in a clear and persuasive manner.
  • Personal Career Journey: The module enables students to draw together all the knowledge and skills gained across the whole MSc programme together with careers advice and personal careers research to map their desired career path and identify forward steps to achieve this goal.

Healthcare Sector Project or Work Placement

You will choose to complete either a Healthcare Sector Project or a Work Placement.

  • Healthcare Sector Project: During this exciting module, you will manage a complex and challenging consulting project in the healthcare sector, enhancing your managerial potential by applying knowledge and skills gained across the whole programme.

    Previous collaborating organisations include Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Bupa, Johnson & Johnson, GE Healthcare and McGrigor Corporation.

  • Work Placement: During your work placement you will develop your managerial potential by applying problem-solving techniques to a challenging business situation. You will have the opportunity to analyse real health management related problems and apply the skills and knowledge you have learned on the programme to solve real business tasks.

    Students who choose this module will need to source their own placements with approval by the Academic Director.

Imperial College Business School reserves the right to alter modules whenever they need to be amended or improved. Faculty may also change as and when required.

Aside from the fact that it was actually the only university in the UK that offers this specialised Master’s, the structure of the programme as well as the opportunity to do a real consulting project on a healthcare issue at the end of the programme was attractive.
MSc International Health Management 2017-18
Deena Shahrabani