Programme content

A unique one year programme to help you secure a management role in the global healthcare sector

In order to master the challenges of management in the healthcare sector, it is important, firstly, to understand the general principles of management.

This programme combines business-focused teaching and cutting-edge research and gives you the chance to learn from internationally recognised faculty at the forefront of health management research. The programme is specifically designed to give you an overview of the UK health system and its application in a global context.


Pre-study modules
These online modules will give you basic knowledge of areas which will be covered by the programme throughout the academic year.

Core modules
You will study eleven taught courses providing you with a solid knowledge base in each subject area. Initially the focus is on the principles of management, moving increasingly towards a focus on healthcare.

Summer projects
In the summer term, you will consolidate and apply your understanding of the material so far, choosing specific aspects to pursue in greater depth.


The MSc International Health Management is a one year, full-time intensive programme. The normal working week is Monday to Friday. Classes will be scheduled between 08.30 and 21.00 and students should expect to attend one evening class per week, and other optional activities such as guest lectures or alumni and careers events may be scheduled in the evening.

Faculty and Research Interest

The Business School is home to a number of research centres, three of which are involved in the delivery of the Masters programmes in International Health Management. These three centres focus on Entrepreneurship, Health Management and Innovation Studies. Experienced researchers from inside and outside the School use the centres, providing a vibrant and cooperative environment for students and new researchers to develop their skills. The centres attract considerable external research funds and also have close research links with other parts of Imperial College.


Candidates that fail to successfully complete this degree are not entitled to a Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma.