Autumn Term

October – December



This course will develop your managerial potential by examining the power of financial and management accounting to deliver information, while examining their relevance to the broader issues of management decision making and control.

Health Informatics

You’ll gain an overall understanding of the major principles of health informatics and its importance in providing effective healthcare. You’ll learn how to develop an information systems strategy, manage its implementation and evaluate its worth to an organisation.


During this course, you’ll be introduced to key marketing concepts and analytical tools to explore the essential role of marketing in strategic business planning. You’ll be able to develop coherent strategies that provide relevant differentiation and that result in sustainable competitive advantage.

Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

You’ll become familiar with organisational behaviour, models of organisational change and fundamental people management processes. You will gain an understanding of the key aspects of organisational behaviour and human resource management and their relationship to how an organisation performs and functions.

Strategic Management

You’ll be introduced to the theory and principles of organisational strategy and their application to the healthcare industry, with a specific focus on the pharmaceutical sector. You’ll learn to evaluate an organisation’s current strategic position, its immediate operating environment and its future strategic options, using analytical concepts appropriate to the organisation’s situation.