Spring Term

January – March


Contemporary Topics in Healthcare

During this course, you’ll get an understanding of ‘live’ issues in the healthcare industry for policy makers, including the concept of a health system and why its performance should be measured. You’ll learn to make critical assessments of current issues in healthcare systems and apply these ideas in your own work.

Health Economics

You will study the application of microeconomic theory to the healthcare sector, analysing principles of microeconomics and their application. You will also consider the issues of efficiency, equity and their application to the healthcare sector.

Health Systems, Policy and Financing

During this course, you will be introduced to individual elements of the health system and international trends. Drawing on the empirical research of the Business School and Faculty of Medicine, you’ll examine the processes, goals and objectives of the health system and key developments in this area.

Management Challenges of Healthcare Organisations

With an exciting study visit to Kingston Hospital, you’ll gain first‑hand experience of real-life issues in the healthcare sector and innovative developments in the sector. You’ll learn how to identify good practice in service delivery and inventory management in a healthcare setting

Managing Change and Innovation in Healthcare

You will explore the issues around the introduction and dispersal of new healthcare technologies across health systems. You’ll look at the reasons for problems with integrating this complex and rapidly evolving sector and at ways of managing healthcare innovation more effectively.