MSc Investment & Wealth Management

Tarek Azhari graduated from MSc Investment & Wealth Management in 2015. Tarez is now Client Advisor Assistant at UBS Wealth Management, where he manage 120 clients. In this profile, he shares how MSc Investment & Wealth Management at Imperial gave him the skills he needed to pursue a career in the sector.


Studying MSc Investment & Wealth Management at Imperial

Why did you choose to study MSc Investment & Wealth Management and why specifically at Imperial College Business School? 

Imperial has a really strong reputation and the programme looked quite technical. It focused on Wealth Management which was more suitable for me. Also, the fact that London is a diverse and dynamic city made me choose Imperial over other universities around the world.

What industry knowledge and skills did you learn on MSc Investment & Wealth Management? 

Confidence when communicating market and financial knowledge. At Imperial College Business School, I learnt about the quantitative side of wealth management, economics, finance theory and coding skills.


Experiences of a Business School student

Looking back on your time on the programme, what do you miss the most? 

I really enjoyed the Financial Econometrics module. It was a wonderful challenge learning new tools. Econometrics is fascinating – you plug together two sets of variables that might work together and see how they move together. When it comes to markets, this is the ultimate tool to potentially predict the future.

Did MSc Investment & Wealth Management help you reach your potential?

Yes, I learnt a lot. Before studying MSc Investment & Wealth Management, I knew I wanted to go into finance but the programmes I studied at undergraduate were more general. This programme trains you in the quantitative side of finance. I learnt more about the sector and its different departments. It also gives you the chance to build great contacts in different parts of the industry.


Living in London

How important was it to your experience on the programme to be located in London? 

Living in London was really amazing, I cannot think of any big downside. I lived in White City in a Grad Pad studio and it was nice to be surrounded by a community of 600 students.


Career support and aspirations

Did you make use of the Career and Professional Development Service? 

I attended sessions to help build my CV and write a letter of motivation. Before the programme, I had received advice on my CV but the Career Consultants offered new insight. They gave useful tips on the format of my CV and challenged its wording. I was able to build on my networking skills by attending countless job fairs, seminars and events organised by the School.


Advice for prospective students

What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about applying to the programme? 

This is a great programme, especially if you are interested in the quantitative side of things. It’s good for a range of careers in finance: it gives you added value. The quantitative knowledge means you can more easily answer questions and understand what’s going on in the background.

MSc Investment & Wealth Management 2015
Undergraduate education :

Bachelor of Business Administration, American University of Beirut.

Previous experience :

Five internships at Deutsche Bank, UBS, L’Oreal, Publicis and EY.

Current job role :

Client Advisor Assistant at UBS Wealth Management.