Nicolas Moura

nicolas300x300I worked for 1 year in the asset management industry prior to joining the MSc Investment & Wealth Management programme and this played a vital role in the Masters I chose as I decided I wanted to pursue a career in Asset Management. I strongly believe this Masters to be unique as it is tailored for individuals wanting to gain industry-specific skills. The course is essentially the same as the MSc Finance but adding more Investment Management customised modules and examples.  The course content is dense and the fast-paced environment prepares you well for a career in finance in my opinion: you get to explore the theoretical aspects but more importantly you are encouraged to apply the theory and knowledge you learn to practical matters. From a job application point of view, I believe that this course gives us a competitive advantage over other candidates as this course stands out from the traditional Finance masters and shows employers our career aspirations and areas within the financial world we want to specialise in.

Prince Albert founded Imperial College under the principle that it would become a “technical university”, one where numerical and logical thoughts could contribute to science. The primary reason I chose Imperial College is for this technical aspect that is valued throughout the university. Graduating from Imperial College is a statement to others that you possess the required quantitative skills to succeed in any field.

Consistently ranked among the best Business Schools in the world, I chose Imperial College Business School for its worldwide reputation within the financial industry. This constant strive to excel is valued by employers and industry experts who always look to employ brilliant talents.

Finally, I chose Imperial for its diverse community, its culture awareness and its location. London is a fantastic city with a wide range of opportunities that will allow students to meet individuals from all over the world and experience different cultures whist being under a common establishment: Imperial College.

I chose to become Student Ambassador as I want to share my experience with future generations. I am naturally a very friendly, open-minded and talkative individual. Sharing my thoughts about the course, the university or even my student life experience appeals to me as I enjoy helping others. Growing up in London, around the corner from Imperial, my dream of studying at Imperial College was fulfilled the day I received my offer. Knowing the history and reputation of the university, I can only speak highly of this institution and rather enjoy promoting the Business School as part of the Student Ambassador programme.

Moreover, I believe that getting involved in activities during your studies is an essential part in succeeding at university life. I took this role as it reflects leadership not only as a student but also as an individual within society. By helping and representing the school as a student ambassador today, I will hopefully contribute to further improving this community that we call Imperial College in the future.

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