Programme: MSc Management 2015

Nationality: British

MSc Management

MSc Management alumna and Associate at PwC Consulting, Elinor Jansen joins 92% of her 2015 cohort who gained employment within three months of completing the programme.

Before enrolling at the Business School, Elinor relocated to the UK from Sweden for her undergraduate studies as an English Literature student at Exeter. After her first few months, however, she realised that it was a career in the business world that most appealed to her and switched to a degree in Management and Leadership Studies.

“I joined MSc Management straight after my undergraduate degree,” Elinor explains.

“Since I changed my undergraduate degree partway through the year, I missed some core business modules. When I knew I wanted to go into management consulting, I decided to do the MSc Management since it offered all of the core modules I’d missed, such as Accounting and Corporate Finance.”

In addition to the nine core modules offered in MSc Management, students also have the opportunity to tailor the programme to their specific career goals through the pathways and summer elective elements of the programme.

“The modules I studied have been very useful, both initially for case interviews but also later on in my job as a consultant,” she says.

The one year intensive programme helps graduates thrive in the corporate, consulting and entrepreneurial world. Elinor had her sights on a career in the consulting world before she started the programme, having worked in a small Swedish consulting firm prior to her studies: “I worked as Head of Recruitment at a small consulting firm, creating a recruitment strategy for the company, and helping them find and recruit several final-year university students during my time there.”

MSc Management is highly effective in shaping the careers of high calibre, motivated and ambitious students who want an edge in today’s competitive environment. For Elinor, choosing to undergo her Master’s degree at the Business School was an obvious choice.

“Doing a Master’s is a big investment, and when choosing university I wanted to make sure that I would get the most out of that investment,” she recalls.

Imperial was an obvious choice since the MSc Management programme is highly ranked in the UK by the Financial Times.

Elinor’s aspirations of joining the world of management consulting were realised soon after she completed the programme, “After the MSc I was offered a job at PwC Consulting, with the People & Change team. I am currently working on a large-scale transformation programme in the energy sector, which is very interesting.”

“I really enjoy working in consulting. You learn so much about different companies, industries and areas of business. As a consultant, you get to help companies create value and solve difficult problems. It’s a challenging job – both intellectually and in terms of the hours – but I love it. I am surrounded by very clever and inspirational people from different backgrounds and with different perspectives on business.”

An intensive career development journey designed specifically for MSc Management helps our students develop a deep understanding of numerous industries. This combined with Imperial’s reputation opens up doors across the world and maximises employability.

“I would not have been where I am today without the MSc in Management,” Elinor says.

“The Imperial brand really makes you stand out among other applications when applying for a job.”

The Careers and Professional Development service is available exclusively to Imperial students and offers extensive advice, guidance and support that is tailored to each students’ individual career objectives.

The Careers service at Imperial College Business School is incredible. They assist students with their job applications and help prepare them for both case interviews and traditional interviews. They review students’ personal letters and CVs and help prepare them for all types of interviews. What I thought was particularly helpful was the fact that students can book one-to-one meetings with the careers advisors before interviews.

Our students are inspired by the value of creativity and are taught to devise solutions that foster innovation, financial performance and business sustainability. “I highly recommend the MSc Management at Imperial."

Programme: MSc Management 2015

Nationality: British