Matthew Freeguard
MSc Management
Undergraduate education:

Loughborough University – BA International Relations

Job secured after Imperial College Business School:

Elixirr – Analyst

MSc Management 2017

Academic and industry experience before Imperial

What work experience/internships did you have before beginning with Imperial College Business School?

  • Lloyds Banking Group – Insurance Summer Internship
  • Zurich Insurance – Insurance Internship
  • De La Rue – Internship
  • IBM – Marketing Internship
  • Houses of Parliament – Short Term Internship

Studying MSc Management

Why did you decide to study an MSc in Management and why specifically at Imperial College Business School?

Having done my undergraduate degree in a social science, I wanted to gain more business knowledge before I began my corporate career. I had a friend who studied on the MSc Management the year I was looking to apply and it was after my own research and his recommendation I decided to apply. The reason I chose Imperial was due to its world renowned reputation for premium quality education and the impact it would, in turn, have on my career.

What makes the MSc Management at Imperial College Business School unique?

The thing that makes this programme truly unique is that anyone, no matter what academic background you’re from, can excel. There is a diverse range of modules to suit all strengths, and the other modules will help build your weaknesses.

What aspects of the programme do you most enjoy, and find most rewarding?

Although I was unsure about it at the start, I enjoyed the amount of group work that we had. It was an excellent opportunity to work alongside individuals from a diverse range of academic and personal backgrounds.

What has been the most challenging part of the programme?

For me it was the more numerical modules, having not done anything quantitative academically for a number of years. However, these modules were also the most rewarding once completed.

Which has been your favourite module so far and why?

The digital pathway as it moves in accordance with the changing business world. It has taught me a lot about the new technologies and how they will change the business world that we know today.

Did you attend an international trip? If so, which trips did you attend and how have they been beneficial to you?

The trip to HEC. It was beneficial as it offered an international perspective at a world renowned institution.

Guest speakers

Which seminars, events or guest lectures at the school have been useful in developing your skills and knowledge?

The careers events were especially useful as they offered an early insight into the different industries that many of us were looking to apply to.

The faculty

Did you have a favourite professor/lecturer and why?

Anne Ter Wal. He taught us for the innovation module, but he didn’t simply teach us. He ensured the material was communicated in a way that resonated with all members of the cohort. Further to this, he was always prepared to talk to or help any students with material and assessments that they were unsure on, he went above and beyond.

Your cohort

Imperial places a large emphasis on group work, what did you like the most about working in this type of environment?

As I mentioned previously, it gave us the opportunity to work with a diverse range of individuals who all bring a different perspective to the group.

How would you describe your cohort at Imperial?

The cohort are very diverse, but we have all grown extremely close with one another. I believe this is indicative of the course, and of the struggles we have been through together – we are now enjoying the rewards of this year.

Opportunities from studying at Imperial

What has been the greatest opportunity you have had at Imperial that you wouldn’t get anywhere else?

The exposure to the industry contacts, and to some world leading lecturers. The most notable of which has been Haresha Sapra from Chicago Booth who taught us accounting. In terms of the industry, we spent the first few months debating which events to go to as there was too many to choose from!

Career goals and jobs

How have you benefited from the services provided by the Career and Professional Development Service?

The practice interviews and case studies were second to none. Without them I’m not sure I would have secured my job!

What are your future career goals and how have they been realised since being at Imperial?

To pursue a career in consulting and then my own start-up. Before commencing Imperial I was sure of the former, but completing some of the modules this year has shown me that the start-up scene is something I would relish the opportunity to be part of in the future.

Have you received any job offers since commencing your programme?

Lloyd Banking Group – After completing my summer internship there.

Elixirr –  Imperial were helpful in terms of interview preparation.

Life as a student in London

Where do you live in London and why did you choose to live there?

Imperial Wharf – good location and very close to both university and social areas.

What can a weekend in London look like for an MSc student?

As long as the work is under control, a weekend in London is whatever you make of it. Being in London means that you have a plethora of activities, bars, parks, etc. right on your doorstep, there really is something for everyone!

Advice for future students

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about applying for the programme?

Take the plunge! It is a course that will prepare you for the business world and allow you to meet a group of peers who will be a big part of your life for a very long time!

MSc Management
Undergraduate education:

Loughborough University – BA International Relations

Job secured after Imperial College Business School:

Elixirr – Analyst