Vittorio Cannizzaro

Vittorio Cannizzaro

Vittorio has a background in mechanical engineering and was specifically looking for a way to enhance his business knowledge. The Business School offered a way to bridge this knowledge gap as well as offering strong links to corporate organisations and big data analytics.

Studying MSc Management

Why did you decide to study MSc Management?

The MSc Management at Imperial College Business School represented the best way to ‘bridge the gap’ between my technical knowledge and business expertise. The Business School, with its strong corporate ties and an amazing career service, convinced me this Masters was definitely the right choice. Together with the Business School’s reputation, I was fascinated by its global footprint on both sustainable development and big data analytics.

What was a typical day the Business School like?

The day would start with morning lectures, including some much-needed coffee breaks from the School’s café. For lunchtime, South Kensington arguably offers a broader choice of food places than in any other place in London. The afternoon lectures might be followed by a gym or swim session at the Imperial College gym, 5 minutes walking from the School. Afterwards, the day would most likely include a career event with a top firm, followed by a networking session with the company’s recruiters. And trust me, after such a schedule all you’d think of is a well-deserved sleep!

How did you find living in London? 

London cannot be compared to any other city. It perfectly reflects the course cohort – vibrant, multicultural, dynamic. Living in London will never get you bored, and Imperial offers a foundation to build up a successful career in this amazing world capital.

What was the Business School community like? 

What I have been impressed by is the sense of community that is felt across the entire Business School. Students across different courses end up meeting in sports events, career fairs, social gatherings and so on. This drastically increases the networking potential – I can proudly say I am in touch with School fellows who are now working in top companies across all sectors, all around the globe.

Advice to prospective students

Be open minded and eager to learn. As our course director used to tell us, do not be ‘picky’  on your interest, learn about things you may never previously have been interested in – that could be the next key step in your career. Also, be prepared to be in a global classroom, with students from literally all over the world, bringing together new perspective and business acumen – and most of all, long lasting friendships.

The alumni network

In what way is remaining connected to your alumni network important to you? 

The Alumni network is probably the most important added-value gained from attending the Business School. Even after finishing the course, I still feel part of this community thanks to social events in all parts of the world and networking opportunities. Having a network of fellows and friends across the globe, I feel proud to contribute and improve the standard of such a community of smart business people, all united below the Imperial College Business School brand. In addition, I have also kept in touch with different professors, who still provide me with precious advice – as well as catching up in person from time to time!

Why do you feel it’s important to volunteer your time and experience? 

Since I left the School, I have provided informal advice to prospective students on the course content and the career services. I still remember how helpful I found reaching out to alumni before applying. During my time as a student, I also volunteered for the Business School and I developed some videos showing our daily life as students. Volunteering for the School represents one of the most powerful actions an alumnus or student can do to contribute towards the Imperial brand.

Why is it important to you to continue your learning journey?

I continue to keep in touch with the Imperial community by attending alumni events in different countries. Also, the School organises guest lectures and networking events regarding different business topics, thus bringing together former students with various professional achievements. As previously mentioned, studying at Imperial means finding new interests and potential new career paths. Bearing this in mind, it is very important to me to never interrupt the learning curve started at Imperial, in order to keep myself updated with the fast-paced business world around us.

MSc Management 2015-16

Nationality: Italian

Undergraduate education: Mechanical Engineering, Kingston University

Job prior to Imperial College Business School: ZADI Group, placement year  

Job after studying at the Business School: Analyst, Goldman Sachs