Jack Miller

jack-miller-300x300Having graduated with a Biological Science degree, I am keen to learn how the analytical abilities I have developed can be applied on the Masters in Management course and used in a business context. The course appealed to me due to the variety of topics covered and team based project work which I enjoy.

The experience of attending the Imperial College Business Summer School this year left a lasting impression on me as it was extremely professional whilst at the same time, very welcoming and supportive. The Imperial College brand is extremely impressive and I feel privileged to be part of it, not only for its academic credentials but also because of its focus on building a community and benefiting society in the wider sense.

I applied for the Student Ambassador role as I understand how beneficial it is for students to have someone to discuss their course requirements with and raise other concerns they may have, particularly if they are international students with little experience of the UK. I am really looking forward to supporting potential students, representing the Imperial College brand and actively participating in the social events.

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