Jane Gan

jane300x300I decided to pursue the MSc Management programme at Imperial because I wanted to branch out from my background of Law. In addition, I liked the broad nature of the programme and the opportunity to learn new subjects such as Accounting and Business Economics. Most significantly, what drew me to the programme was the ability to elect our preferred pathway in the Spring term; this appealed to me most as I am able to tailor my experience at Imperial College Business School to my interests and ambitions. Hence, regardless of the career path I may choose in the future, I believe the MSc Management programme is invaluable in enhancing my skills and experiences.

Imperial College Business School was my first choice because I wanted to study at one of the best institutions in the world. Further to that, I was also aware that the MSc Management programme was consistently ranked within the Top 20 globally by the FT. The deciding factor, however, lay with the past experiences of friends and seniors, who could not praise the Business School enough.

I chose to be a part of the Student Ambassador Scheme because I wanted to get involved with the community and give back to the university that has already given me so much. Moreover, I also understand how daunting and difficult it is for prospective students when deciding on a university; thus as a Student Ambassador, I hope to offer advice or help in any way that I can.

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