Saachi Sharma

saachi-300x300The MSc Management programme is a great way for students with a non-business background to have an opportunity to succeed within a business career. Having completed my Bachelor’s degree in English Literature I was able to refine my communication skills, and this MSc Management programme has allowed me to develop my existing skills whilst also hone my quantitative analytical ability and understanding of the wider world of business. With my growing interest in financial services, I believe the MSc Management course has equipped me with the knowledge and strengths necessary to succeed within a career of my choice.

The Imperial College Business School was my first choice due to the excellence of resources provided by the university. The careers service team is invaluable and constantly seeks to devote the time and efforts into each and every student ensuring support throughout the degree. What has truly made my time at Imperial unforgettable is the energetic and diverse student body that makes Imperial a friendly and fun place to learn.

My MSc Management student cohort is full of people willing to help, and my motivation to be a part of the Student Ambassador Scheme was to continue this tradition and provide the insight I can to prospective students. The choice of university is an important decision and I have been very pleased with my choice, I wish to help other students make decisions that lead to the same wealth of knowledge and experience for them.

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