Sotiris Kopatsaris

sotiris300x300As a Mechanical Engineering graduate, I have realised that today’s technological advancements cannot be facilitated unless there is a clear and implementable strategy, which in most cases has to also be market and value driven. Merging the skills gap between engineers and business leaders can yield tremendous opportunities for further innovation, especially as part of the Industry 4.0 revolution.

The MSc Management programme at Imperial College Business School, offers an unrivalled mix of career and life changing opportunities for everyone who is interested in making a lasting impact early on in the workplace.

Being able to tailor the programme to my own career goals and interests is something I have found to be really exciting. The Study Abroad or Study Trip options, the family business module, the consulting project, the electives, the four different pathways; they all add up to create a unique curriculum for everyone.

I should also say something about how truly special Imperial College is. The opportunities offered to students of the Business School to engage and interact with the world’s leading scientists, engineers and business leaders under literally one roof, is something that has the potential to not just change careers, but also create the next generation of world-changing ventures.

As Ambassador of the Business School and the MSc Management programme, I look forward to sharing my experience with all prospective students in a way that will help them make their own decisions regarding their career and whether they are interested in joining our incredibly diverse student community.

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