Sudhir Bulagannawar

sudhir300x300Sudhir Prakash Bulagannawar, I am currently pursuing my career in MSc Management. I am current Student Ambassador for the MSc Management Program at Imperial College Business School.

My reason to choose MSc Management is essential to my career as I required gaining deep understand on prospective business environment. My undergraduate study focused on basic levels of business backgrounds, whereas, a management program is furnishing individual skills and knowledge. Additionally, it is polishing and providing me opportunity to blend my work experience and practical knowledge whereby placing me in a realistic work place. That I believe will shape me in being a better product.

Imperial College Business School has the experience in shaping some of the most recent student on the same career I intend to achieve. It has an extensive focus on different education sectors such as business, science, medical etc. An opportunity to meet and be part of societies respecting many cultures and well known staff who could provide extensive support and knowledge experience. Imperial provides opportunities to gain first hand exposure of working in corporates.

I choose to be part of the Student Ambassador Scheme as I felt it is important to contribute to development of networks across the globe. Additionally, as part of the team, it is significant to build a reputation for service provider which leads to make a competitive product. A student of particular institute is best contact point for prospective candidates to gain an inside of being part of Imperial College Business School.

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