Timothy Carter

timothy300x300The connection between business and technology has always fascinated me. During an internship in the Mergers & Acquisitions department of one of Germany’s leading automotive companies I experienced first hand the importance for businesses to embrace rapid and disruptive technological advances (i.e. autonomous driving) into their product portfolio.

Given Imperial College’s outstanding research reputation in business and the sciences, the MSc Management programme offers the perfect environment to explore this exciting combination and engage with talented and ambitious people from various academic backgrounds. This provides me with a unique opportunity: if I want to learn more about an exciting new scientific discovery e.g. in the field of data science – maybe because the topic has always interested me or because I sense a business application behind it – I simply have to walk a few meters from the Business School to the main Cafeteria of the College and I am surrounded by world class academics to further discuss the topic.

As a Student Ambassador I want to pass on the Imperial College mind-set to prospective students and highlight the strengths of studying at a Business School which finds itself at the heart of one of the worlds most innovative scientific communities.

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