Yubo Mao
Imperial College Finance Society; Imperial College Consultancy Society


Imperial College’s MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering was the best fit for me because it provided exactly what I was looking for. It is one of the very few programmes in the UK that explicitly integrates a risk management element in the financial engineering course. It also emphasises the practical application of the theories. The vast majority of the courses are taught directly by practitioners or include guest lectures given by professionals.

”Imperial College’s MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering is one of the very few programmes in the UK that explicitly integrates a risk management element in the financial engineering course.”

The programme is highly intense, yet highly rewarding. I find myself constantly being pushed to achieve my maximum efficiency.  The academic knowledge I have learned was comprehensive and practical in the way it was instructed. But more importantly, through my interaction with course mates and lecturers on the programme, I have been able to strengthen my skills including teamwork, communication, and multi-tasking as well as to develop an attitude of striving for excellence. I feel these are equally important as academic competency for building up a successful career in the future.The programme is unique in the way it is structured. From the Foundation Term through to the Summer Term, the courses are designed in a way so that students are able to build their knowledge base in the core courses then further explore specific areas in a range of electives. The programme also provides great flexibility in the choice of final project. We could choose either a 10,000 word dissertation or a 3,000 word Applied Financial Research project, which is more ideal for job-focused students. Again, this is due to the fact that the programme is highly practical.

The business school is also in touch with the Alumni Advisory Board and holds regular alumni events, which I have found beneficial. These are excellent opportunities for networking and learning from professional alumni specialised in different areas. I have received advice from some of the alumni that I met about job interviews and career plans, which was very useful.

Imperial is full of hard-working, intelligent and open-minded people, who study and work hard to make it one of the top universities in the world. Studying at Imperial really means you have to push yourself to the maximum in order to excel.

Although the programme can be competitive as students are admitted with an exceptional academic calibre, my course mates here are also very collaborative and easy-going. I really enjoyed my teamwork experiences with others on various course works, which did help me to build up relationships with others on a personal level. The lecturers are also experienced and accessible. Students are given proper guidance throughout each course and especially before exams. So although the courses can be tough from time to time, there is no need to panic as there is always someone you can talk to.


We were in touch with the Career Service from the very beginning of the programme. In the foundation term, the Career Service team were intensively running a series of events with respect to writing CVs and cover letters, the recruitment process, interview skills, etc. Many employers, ranging from multinational firms to small start-ups, were invited to on-campus presentations and networking events, which are precious opportunities for students to gain exposure to different institutions and learn about their recruitment process. We also receive weekly newsletters from the Career Service team providing information about job vacancies and various events they hold.

With the help from consultants, I revised and tailored my CV for different types of roles that I applied for. I would also book an appointment for a mock interview before some important interviews. The feedback and advice I received from those sessions has been very beneficial.

I am looking for a career in risk management as I feel it is one of the topical issues in the industry and it certainly provides opportunities to gain connection with different areas in finance. I wish to start a career in the risk department of an investment bank and build up my network and skillset in the early years, during which I would decide on whether to further my path in risk or make a switch to what is more suited for me. I think one of the great things working in risk since you would have options to explore other fields and make strategic changes along your career.

Living in London

”Being lucky enough to study finance in an international financial hub like London is certainly one of the best things in my life.”

I fell in love with London the first time I saw it. The mixture of historical heritage and modern commerce has built a city landscape that I have not seen elsewhere.

Being lucky enough to study finance in an international financial hub like London is certainly one of the best things in my life. London is mostly busy and vigorous but there are also plenty of places in the city for people to relax and recharge. Our campus is adjacent to Hyde Park, which is quite a popular spot among students to temporarily escape from studies and enjoy some time in nature.

If you had to pick two things about the MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering programme that you enjoy the most what would they be?

The first thing I would pick is definitely hard work. This is indeed an intense programme and job hunting and professional qualification exams sometimes make it tougher. But it is also a very enjoyable programme as we are provided with all the conditions we need to arm ourselves with all kind of skills, ranging from career service all the way to language support. The Programme Team is working hard to ensure that proper guidance is given to each student. I am truly happy every time when I see myself make a progress and take a step closer to my goals. Eventually there will come to a time when you feel every bit of your efforts pay off and that would be one of the best feelings in life. The motto of “work hard, play hard” is shared by many students.

For the other one I would choose my course mates. With a large number of group assignments in the programme, teamwork sometimes feels like a brotherhood relationship. All of my teammates have been lovely and easy to work with and I have been able to learn a lot from them.

MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering
Institute and subject studied for Undergraduate degree :

University of Liverpool, BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Finance

Work history before Imperial College :

Summer internship at Everbright Securities

Awards/achievements :

PRMIA Risk Management Challenge London Regional Champion