Jingjing Ariel Sun

Jingjing Ariel Sun

Programme: MSc Risk Management and Financial Engineering 2009

Nationality: Chinese

Undergraduate: BSc (Hons) Actuarial Science and Economics, Trinity College, University of Toronto

Employment prior to studying at the Business School: Research Assistant, Department of Economics, University of Toronto

Employment after studying at the Business School: Account Associate, Risk Management Solutions (up to September 2011)

Current status: PHd student at Imperial College Business School

Why did you choose to study MSc Risk Management and Financial Engineering at Imperial College Business School?

The high academic reputation and research excellence of the School was a key factor for me. I also highly valued the School’s alumni networks with the financial services industry in London, a factor that contributes to ensuring the course content is always up-to-date. I found it was a distinct advantage to be close to the financial centre and to gain exposure to one of the world’s most dynamic financial markets.

How did you find the programme content and structure?

The programme focused not only on the overall background knowledge of the financial markets and various instruments but, more importantly, on thorough and in-depth analysis using theoretical models and quantitative methods, with an optional exposure to advanced programming techniques.

The programme attracts students from a variety of academic or industry backgrounds, triggering co-operations and discussions among people with different talents. The core courses in the first term give a thorough introduction to the current financial markets and build the necessary skills and knowledge base for students to then choose electives according to their academic and career interests.

Throughout the programme students are encouraged to explore their areas of interests for the final dissertation and to talk to relevant Business School faculty before focussing on individual research in the third term.

What advice would you give to students embarking upon MSc Risk Management and Financial Engineering at the Business School?

If students are keen to develop their skills and knowledge and want a head-start in their career progression it is important to attend seminars and events at the School. I regularly attended career workshops to improve necessary skills for my career development. In addition to the core and elective courses in the curriculum, I also attended optional lectures held by academic or industry professionals, or by distinguished alumni, to acquire specific knowledge in the market and to explore my interests.

What does your current work involve?

I am currently an Account Associate at Risk Management Solutions Inc. (RMS). RMS is a leading financial services provider for catastrophe risk quantification and management solutions, servicing the insurance industry and capital markets. Also, its emerging market risk solutions team is a pioneer in terrorism and longevity risk researches. My responsibilities include, but are not restricted to, servicing the various needs of the global re/insurers, brokerages, and capital market investors in terms of risk assessment and hedging solutions.

What are your future career goals?

My short term goal is to become a Certified Catastrophe Risk Analyst (CCRA). In the longer term, I am keen to become an expert in this field and to gain a thorough understanding of this market so that I can contribute to the overall prosperity and stability of global financial security systems through better risk management solutions.