Huiling (Emily) Jiang

With its strong background in science and technology, superior location in London, high global reputation and excellent career service, Imperial College Business School deeply attracts me, and especially, to the MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering program. This is a highly quantitative program offered by Imperial College Business School, suiting the prevailing trend in financial industry nowadays and providing great sense of industry insights. Most importantly, it manages a perfect balance between quantitative skills and real life applications and allows me to meet and work with intelligent classmates from various academic and cultural backgrounds, always get inspired by new ideas, strengthen my knowledge basis and polish my skills for my future career.

I sincerely love my life here with Imperial College Business School and the MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering programme, and that’s why I choose to become a Student Ambassador to share my experience from the perspective of a current student. I hope that I can introduce it to many more competent candidates, contribute to its development and growth, while at the same time, meet more friends, and improve my communication and leadership skills through all kinds of activities.

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