Jian Hiew

jian300x300From a general perspective, I dream to build a career in the finance industry due to the fact that I enjoy working in a fast pace environment, in which, I never stop learning and progressing throughout my career. Specifically, I aim to build a career within the credit risk management division. To put it simply, the nature of the work in assessing the financial strength of the firm’s investment, in analyzing the sensitivities of the market, and in implementing business procedures to protect the interest of both the firm and the stakeholders excites me. This probably because I am aware of the importance of my work in protecting the firm’s assets and preventing the firm from bankruptcy, which ultimately helps in safeguarding the dreams and hopes of every investor. Having said this, the decision to pursue a postgraduate study in risk allows me to be a step nearer to my dream.

The brand and the people are certainly the very main reasons I have specifically picked Imperial College Business School. The brand of the school will open up many doors of opportunities. As a target school by many firms, you are given a wider choice of career options. Plus, the school has the most dedicated careers team that will guide, aid and work hand in hand with students to land their dream job. On top of that, we are taught by many leading researcher and industry leaders which assure the relevance of the course’s contents. Having said this, Imperial simply stands out because it is the perfect training ground that open up my doors to success. To put it simply, with the best access to the most accomplished mentors, challenging deals and smartest peers; Imperial College Business School placed me out of my comfort zone, which pushes my true abilities beyond the boundaries.

I have been in the applicant’s shoes where I understand how daunting it can be when you are not too sure with your pathway. And, I am lucky enough to have some peers discussing the options with me, which certainly leads me into making a good and concrete decisions by pursuing my studies here at Imperial. Having said this, I find this role truly ‘noble’ where I get to chat and possibly help out others to about their options and decisions. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries about the course, the school, or even my daily routine as an Imperial Student!

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