Patrick Chan

patrick300x300When I applied to Imperial College Business School, I approached and talked to current students and hear about their time at Imperial. I understand how struggle applicants will have as I experienced before, therefore, I applied to become a Student Ambassador. I wanted to share my passion and experience for Imperial College Business School and as a way to give back the Imperial College Business School community; I am more than willing to pass on the advice that helped me through the process to young people like me at that age. Although studying in an intensive programme, I strongly believe joining the Student Ambassador Scheme is a great way to challenge myself and push myself to another level and thus it is definitely worth my time.

The MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering programme at Imperial College Business School is a highly quantitative and intensive programme. It provides an excellent platform for me to connect with industry meanwhile to develop the advanced analytical and quantitative financial knowledge necessary to be successful in the finance industry. With a variety of careers workshops, recruitment events and skills sessions, the strong career support from Imperial College Business School undoubtedly makes me a better candidate in the job market.

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